Friday, 19 April 2013

Lasalle "Pachanga" Tournament Alicante 2013

On Saturday the 13th April, we arranged a Pachanga Tournament of Lasalle , on the day there was ten players, five played on the French side and five on the Coalition side. We played two games with each army playing with two supports. There was no prizes for coming first etc, as this was more of a team event (although everybody was playing separately). After everbody met at the club, we went for a quick coffee to wake us up because of the early start. We diced off to see who played who and on which preset terrain table we used the Sum 20 scoring system to work out the points.

First Round

Miguel's French Infantry Division with Veteran Infantry and Light Cavalry Brigades defend against Salva's Russian Grenadiers with Grenadier Infantry and Light Cavalry Brigades.

                     Miguel's French await the Russian onslaught.

                                       Miguel's French counter attack

 Salva's Russians break on turn eleven, Salva throws 5 dice needing 12 or more and surprisingly fails, meaning game over and the first victory to the French. Things don't start well for the Coalition with 16 points to the French and 4 points to the Coalition.

Javier's Spanish Army of Infantry Division plus Veteran Infantry  and Cavalry Brigades support. Was defending against Toni's Conquest Infantry Division plus Veteran Infantry and Light Cavalry Brigades support. 

                The formidible defence of streams and trenches await the French attackers.

                                        The French begin to test the Spanish defences, whilst on the Spanish right flank,
                                                         the Spanish cavalry begin a flanking move.

     The French breached the Spanish lines but the Spanish managed to hold on for a draw. The French gain 7 points and the Spanish 13 points. This means now that the French are on 23 points and the coalition are on 17 points

     My British Light Division with Brunswick and Light Cavalry Brigade defend against Jose's French Guard Infantry division with Neapolitan Cavalry and Imperial Guard Cavalry Brigade.

The Old Guard begin to advance whilst the
British wait behind the hill 

My troops beat back the first attack on the ridge and
then retreat behind to recuperate.
My Scottish Elite Unit are first to go when they are attacked
simultaneosly by cavalry and infantry.

One of my British regiments who had charged over the ridge, are cut off
and have to form square due to been surrounded
 by French cavalry.
Some notable things that happened during the game, my Brunswick artillery were charged by the Neapolitan cavalry on my right flank but managed to survive. The cavalry tried for a second time and my Brunswickers stood their ground once again, not only surviving the close combat but also destroying the cavalry. Jose's Guard Cavalry's Commander had minus one on his vigor, this was lucky for me because three times Jose rolled the normal amount required  to bring on his reserves  but because of the Generals negative modifier they didn't come on until towards the end of the game and only started to get involved when the game had nearly finished.
This was a tough game against Jose's French Guard, My army was broken so with Jose not wanting to have any more of his units destroyed began to pull back. Obviously I had nothing to lose and started to be more aggressive (Zombie Army Syndrome) I was able to hold on for a couple of morale rolls and the game ended on turn eighteen when we both rolled a three.
  The game ended in a draw, but because the French were Guard they needed a Decisive Victory otherwise any other result is classed as a loss. Therefore both sides are level on 30 points each.

    Francois' French Peninsular Infantry Division with Light Cavalry and Dragoon Brigades defending against Dani's Prussian Liberation Infantry Division with Cavalry Abteilung and Infantry Abteilung brigades.

The French again wait this time its the Prussian
hordes that are advancing.

The forces meet each other in the middle of the table,
the French are overpowered and are broken

The game finished with the Prussians winning and the Coalition go into the lead with 44 points and the French on 36 points

Kevin's Austrian Grenadier Division with Cavalry and Cuirassier Brigade defending against Kiefer's French Infantry Division with Elite and Light Cavalry Brigade 

The French trying a new tactic by advancing in
 line to attack the Austrian lines

The French Lines finally reach the
 Austrian front line

On the Austrian left flank their Cavalry Brigade
 halts the advancing French Infantry

The game ended in a draw with 8 points to the French and 12 points to the Austrians.

After the first round the Coalition are in the lead with 56 points and the French are on 44 points.

After a good meal at a local Tapas bar served by Juanra from the Spanish program "Sabe, no lo Sabe" we went back to the club for the second round.

                                  I was paired up with Kiefer for my second game.

I chose to be the defender and my Scots secured
the right flank near my objective. 

Kiefer's Cavalry were positioned on his right and this time
 his infantry were formed into attack columns
The British and their Brunswick and Portugese Allies rise over
the ridge to shoot into the mass ranks of the French.
The Allied line retreats back behind the ridge to get a
second chance of a volley into the French ranks.

This became a seesaw battle with first the allied line charging, then the French retreating only to counter charge for the Allied line to retreat and once again counter charge. It was only when I managed to break the French army morale, that Kiefer began to play more aggressive trying to destroy enough of my units for me to reach army breakpoint. This was unlikely but time was ticking away and the game looked like it may end in a draw, luckily with about 10 minutes to spare, Kiefer failed his Army Break Roll and with having more Light Cavalry on the table I won a decisive victory.
 I gained 18 points and Kiefer only 2 points. The Coalition were now on 74 point and the French on 46 points

                                           Miguel's French played against Dani's Prussians   

Once again Miguel is the defender, Dani quickly
advances his troops in march column.
With Miguels artillery covering his artillery both of his flanks
counterattacked and broke the Prussian Army

Miguel had won his second battle, beating the large Prussian army which is no mean feat in itself. He also gained enough points to have won the tournament as a individual player. What also makes this notable is this is the first time he has played with a borrowed French army as his normal army is Austrian. The French managed to close the gap with the Coalition on 78 points and the French on 62 points

                                                 Kevin's Austrians played against Toni's French

The French advanced towards the
defending Austrians.

Before  the French attack the Austrian front line, the Austrian Cuirassiers
 break through the French lines threatening the French artillery.

The French cavalry break onto the Austrian objective,
 defended by two Austrian squares.

The game ended with the French winning the gap lessened now to  8 points with the Coalition being on 84 points and the French on 76 points.

                                     Jose's French played against Javi's Spanish

This time Javi defended the long
side of the table

There was some tough street fightingon
the Spanish right flank.

In the end it was victory for the French but with Jose's French being Guard Infantry he only gained 11 points and the Spanish 9 points. Therefore the gap was shortened to 6 points with the Coalition being on 93 points and the French on 87 points.

                                    The last game was Salva's Russian against Francois' French.

The Russians defending against
the advancing French.

The French attack the Russian left flank, whilst half
their army wait in cover behind the hill.

  I was very impressed by Francois use of smoke for disruption markers its cheap and effective and away of bringing the effect of smoke on the battlefield in a purposefull manner. The game ended in a draw so the Coalition side won the tournament by 105 points and the French finished on 95 points.


This was a little rehearsal for our actual Lasalle tournament in October, as always it was very enjoyable. However as I have mentioned in my own battle reports and it has been brought up before on the official lasalle forum. The end game needs slightly changing as we get the silly situation where the victorious force begins to pull back as not to risk anymore of his units being destroyed., and the broken army, instead of as in reality begin to pull back and retreat, it starts to attack with all its units trying to destroy enough units on the other side. Also a there is no penalty in losing more units because it is already broken so there is no incentive to discourage this tactic.
    On the Lasalle forum there has been a solution put forward that I favor which is if a broken army loses any more units after they have reached  their army breakpoint then these points are added on to the amount needed by the Army morale Check. So for example if the Army has broken and the player loses another infantry unit (2 points) this is added  to the game turn number  (13) making the the number greater than15 instead of 13 the player is required to throw, to pass the test.
    I like the idea of the team game, and after a little thought I feel we could make it into a viable quick campaign system that would last just a day, with players picking armies from one particular theatre of war and year. I will keep you posted.