Monday, 24 January 2011

Battle of Quatre Bras Refought

On the Friday after the tournament on the 26th of November . We met again at the club in Alicante to refight The Battle of Quatre Bras. We used a 8ft by 6ft board and most of the participants donated the figures . We used Lasalle to play the game and it was the first time we had attempted a scenario other than the pick up games we usually play on Friday nights.

Map of Initial Dispositions

The French enter the table, Dani was in command of Jerome's Division and I was in command of Foy's division nearest to the woods at the bottom of the picture. On the right is Perponcher's infantry and cavalry unit defending Pierrepont Farm.

A view from the French positions of the battle area. With Javi and Jose in the background quickly preparing the British reinforcements.

On the left flank Jerome's Division attack the farmhouse, whilst on the right, Bachelu's Division enters the table behind Foy's.

Jerome's Division takes Pierrepont Farmhouse and advances past. Whilst I attack Piermont with 3 Infantry units of Foy's Division.

I am victorious in taking Piermont but have taken a few casualties. I attack the farm at Gemioncourt with my fresh units whilst my worn troops halt to have a chance removing the disruption markers. Dani's brother arrives at the club and takes over Bachelu's Division, he moves them to go around my right flank.

Meanwhile Jerome's Division attemps to cross the stream against a strong British-Allied resistance on the north bank. On the far left Pire's Cavalry Brigade attempts to out flank the Allied line through the woods.

Bachelu's Division crossing the river and being met by British troops hurriedly sent to the flank.

My Division, now refreshed begins to move over the river, against little resistance from a British Rifles unit. Whilst my deployed artillery fires across the marsh at the British units.

Damn we ran out of time. This was the last turn and although we had pushed the enemy back, we hadn't been quick enough to take Quatre Bras therefore losing the battle.

In conclusion this was a very enjoyable game. The rules really worked well with multi players and more divisions, and even though it was 32 game turns long, the time seemed to fly by. A big thankyou to Javier for organising the game and all who participated. I can't wait for the next one.

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