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Battle of Wargram

Last Saturday we played our largest recreation of a historic battle when Javi kindly organised the Battle of Wagram.  Six of us were there at the start of the game Javi took the Austrian right flank, I was commanding the Austrian centre and Miguel was in charge of the Austrian left flank and Vanguard. On the French side Jose commanded the right flank, Francois was in charge of the centre and Salva the left flank. Dani came later in the morning to take command of the French Reserve Cavalry.

The game was going to last for 30 turns and was played on a table measuring 300 cm by 180cm. After the description and photos of the battle I will list the Orders of battle and the special rules we used. 

The Map of our battle of Wagram, each town had a point value that counted towards victory at the end of the day.

We met at the club in Alicante at 8.30 am, we were pretty well organised and soon had the terrain set out and deployed our troops out in their intial positions.

                                             View of the Austrian Initial positions
  I had the honour of commanding the 1st and 2nd Austrian Corps and also the Grenadier Reserve, the only problem was I had no cavalry which can be a problem using the Lasalle rules. 

Close view of the Austrian 3rd Corps commanded by Javi.

           Austrian Van Guard commanded by Miguel, positioned on the road between Leopoldorf and Guzendorf.

                           Austrian 2nd Corp advancing to their defensive positions along the stream.

                          View of the French Army advancing towards the Austrian Vanguard

            Turn 1 the French right advances towards their first objective, the Austrian Vanguard

                Turn 2, Miguel's Austrian 4th Corp hurry down the hill to support the vanguard.

                          The Austrian Vanguard are hard pushed to stem the flow of French cavalry.

    My 1st corp reach the stream with one of my Austrian Infantry units crossing over to the other side. The inital plan was to advance all the 1st Corps over the stream but Salva managed to advance his French cavalry a lot quicker than I had thought and I didn't want my infantry stranded in open terrain.

  My Grenadiers with Javi's Austrian cavalry in the lead managed to advance a little further forward.

                      My Infantry form square and succesfully beat back some Saxon cavalry.

My 2nd Corps finally reach their defensive positions, on the left the vanguard mange to slow down the French advance.

                                      View of the Austrian centre and right flank which is advancing to meet the French.

      All of a sudden Miguel's Advance Guard which was doing a great job, lose 3 units and he is forced to fall back on his supports. In the French centre, their Italian and Bavarian Allies make an appearance.

         Next to arrive on the table for the French are their Heavy Cavalry corp of Cuirassiers

                              Javi's Austrian cavalry valiantly take on the French Imperial Guard Lancers, whilst my Grenadiers form up between the artillery.

    The French Reserve Cavalry advance further forward trying to find space to be able to deploy in.

The French having more or less destroyed the Vanguard now advance on to my centre defences.

   The French start their attack but curiously even though they have cavalry support they do not use it.

Finally Miguel's Hussars that were valiantly defending our extreme left flank finally are destroyed and so the French begin to roll up our defensive line.

                      The French Cuirassers finally manage to deploy and charge my Grenadiers

    The French Infantry manage to punch a hole through my defensive line along the stream as and my Austrians begin a fighting withdrawal up the slope.

My Austrian Infantry have advanced over the stream but  now  get cut off by the French Cavalry.

 The French manage to cross the stream and begin to threaten the town of Baumersdorf

    The Austrian artillery retreat to the far bank and bring telling fire on the French cavalry units.

            Baumersdorf is besieged by the French whilst Aderklaa is also attacked by the French Guard.

The wounded General of the Austrian 2nd Corps personally oversees the defence of Baumersdorf.

                                            The French attack is successfully repulsed.

                    The French have Wargram in their sights but they are running out of time.

                 The French take the village of Markgrafneusiedel on the Austrian Left Flank.

    The last turn and  the scores were evenly poised with the Austrians 6 points ahead , If in the final attack on Baumersdorf the French captured it they would win by 1 point. The French threw their attacking dice and had 8 hits, we needed 4 or more hits with 11 dice. I rolled the dice and managed to get 5 hits therefore once again repulsing the attackers and winning the game.

Austrian Order of Battle

C-in-C  ArchDuke Charles

Commander Nordmann 
sub commander  Mayer

1 Austrian Infantry 6B
1 Austrian Infantry 4B
1 Grenzer 4B
1 Jager 4B
1 Hussars 6B
1 Horse Artillery 3B

1st Corps 
Commander Bellegarde
4 Austrian Infantry 6B
1 Landwehr 4B
1 Chevauxleger 4B
1 Foot Artillery 4B

2nd Corps 
Commander Hohenzollern-Hechingen
Subcommander Siegenthal

4 Austrian Infantry 6B
1 Austrian Infantry 4B
1 Landwehr 4B
1 Jager 4B
1 Foot Artillery 4B

3rd Corps 
Commander Kollowrat
3 Austrian Infantry 6B
1 Uhlans 4B
1 Foot Battery 4B

4th Corps 
Commander Rosemberg
Sub-commander Radetzky

3 Austrian Infantry 6B
1 Landwehr 4B
1 Hussars 4B
1 Foot Battery 4B

6th Corps
Commander Klenau
1 Austrian Infantry 6B
1 Austrian Onfantry 4B
1 Landwehr 4B
1 Hussars 4B
1 Foot Battery 4B

Reserve Corps
Commander Liechtenstien
Sub-commander D'Aspre 

3 Grenadier Infantry 4B
1 Hussars 4B
1 Chevuaxleger 4B
1 Dragoons 6B
1 Cuirassiers 6B
1 Cuirassiers 4B
1 Horse Battery 3B

French Order of Battle

Imperial Guard
1 Old Guard 4B
2 Young Guard 4B
1 Polish Lancers 6B
1 Guard Cavalry 4B
1 Foot Heavy Battery 4B

2nd Corp
6 Veteran Infantry 4B
1 Light Elite Infantry 4B
1 Chasseurs 4B
1 Foot Battery 4B

3rd Corp
4 Veteran Infantry 4B
3 Light Elite Infantry 4B
1 Chasseurs 4B
1 Hussars 4B
2 Dragoons 4B
1 Foot Battery 4B
1 Horse Battery 3B

4th Corp
3 Veteran Infantry 4B
1 Light Elite Infantry 4B
1 Chasseurs 4B
1 Hussars 4B
1 Bavarian Infantry 1st Class 4B
1 Bavarian Infantry 2nd Class 4B
1 Medium Foot Battery 3B
1 Horse battery 3B

5th Italian Corp
3 Veteran Infantry 4B
1 Light Elite Infantry 4B
1 Italian Grenadiers 4B
2 Italian Infantry Line 4B
1 Chasseurs 4B
1 Medium Foot Battery 3B

7th Bavarian Corp
2 Bavarian Infantry 4B
1 Bavarian Chevauxleger 4B
1 Medium Foot Battery 3B

9th Saxon Corp
1 Saxon Grenadiers 4B
2 Light Infantry 4B
1 Saxon Infantry 4B
1 Saxon Cuirassiers 4B
1 Saxon Light Cavalry 4B
1 Medium Foot Battery 3B

11th Corp
 2 French Veteran Infantry 4B
1 French Medium foot Battery 3B

Reserve Cavalry Corp
4 Cuirassiers 6B
1 Horse Artillery 3B

Special Scenario Rules

The terrain is dry and without rain.

The game lasts 30 turns

Both armies deploy simultaneously. French move first.

Rule 1

Napoleón can repeat all recovery tests  on units within 4BWs and one of these units can have a modifier of +2.

Rule 2

Archduke Charles can repeat all recovery  tests on units within 2BWs.

Rule 3

The unit of French Imperial Guard cannot be more tan 6BWs away from Napoleón.

Rule 4

Two units of French Young Guard can be placed under the command of another General, but must stay under this different command for the rest of the game.

Rule 5

Artillery cannot deploy further forward than its máximum movement allowance.

Artillery cannot deploy within 4 BWs of any enemy unit.

Limbered artillery cannot block a retiring enemy unit.

Rule 6

Squares may fire 1D6 per side in the same turn.

Rule 7

French Infantry in march column may fire 1D6 to the front. Can charge at half dice in combat from a distance of 4BWs.

Rule 8

Austrian Reserves

The moment that a French unit is within 2BWs of the village of Leopoldau, the Austrian player throws 2D6 . The result will determine which turn the Austrian  6th Corps will appear. If the turn on the 2D6 has already been reached it will appear at the end of the next turn.

If no French forces are within 2BWs of Leopoldau by turn 6, then the Austrians automatically roll the 2D6.

Rule 9

Sub commanders and commanders may only command units in their Corps, C-in-C may command any units.

Rule 10

Any unit of French Cavary found within the command radius of Lasalle will be considered in command although not if the units commander or C-in-C is also with command radius.

Rule 11

During the critical part of the Battle, the Saxons of the French 9th Corps were taken to be Austrians
because of their white uniforms.

To simulate this any french or allied unit (not Saxon of course) with a saxon unit in its field of fire must throw 1D6, if the result is 5 or 6 then the will have to shoot at the Saxon unit.

It will not affect cavalry charges only applies to infantry and artillery.

Rule 12

Napoleons presence was a large bonus to his tropos and Generals when he was on the Battlefield. To reflect this when throwing for French Commanders Vigor and Tactics, they have a bonus of 8 points to use in raising any low die rolls.

When throwing for abilities the French side must decide if they would use any of their bonus points to improve the result, before throwing for the next ability.

Rule 13

Austrian Uhlans are considered Valiant for this game.


 I think this was the largest game we had put on and it took from 9.00 a.m until just after 8.00 p.m. Javi calculated that over 3,00 figures were used. There was a discussion about the French commander ratings , because when we played Austerlitz the French side threw low numbers for their ratings which didn't reflect the better French command structure at the actual battle. We implemented rule 12 of the special rules to counter this. As always the time seemed to fly by and it was very enjoyable and with a great finale. Thanks to the other players and especially Javi for making it a great day. 

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