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Saga Tournament Alicante 2014

                                                                Introduction May 2016

Sorry I haven't published anything on my blog for a while. This was due to a number of things with other projects and work etc taking my time. I found this report half written in my draft from 2014 but thought it would be beneficial to still publish it even if its just for proof that I can actually throw sixes! Hope you enjoy the photos and vague scribblings.

 On Saturday 29th of November 2014 we had our second Saga Tournament. As soon as the date was announced I put my name forward. Funnily enough I hadn't had a game of Saga since our last tournament around 18 months ago. I decided this time to play more to my Norman Battle Board strengths and use only archers and mounted knights. Looking for inspiration on the Saga fórum I decided to play with the  "William the Bastard" special rules. My army  consisted og

                                                  3  points of heartguard armed with bows 12figs
                                                  2  points of mounted warriors 16 figs

 I was undecided whether to swap one mounted warrior with a dismounted warrior unit  with crossbows.

We diced off for who paired off with who and for my first game I was against Salva and his Welsh boyos. I was deemed the attacker and although most of his troops hid behind the hill and woods in the centre of the board. One of my archer units ( I had decided to split my archers into two six man units). I threw seven dice, one for each figure and an extra die from a battle die. I could not believe my eyes , I threw all sixes and even after the saving units. Salva had lost six men from a warrior unit. Not a bad start.

Even at extreme distance my archers proved deadly.

  The Welsh used a tactic to bring  one of my units into their javelin range and my 12 figure strong mounted warrior unit charged forward. The welsh came out of hiding to throw their pointy sticks and killing five of my troops.-

    My archers on the flank fired to full effect and killed seven welshmen in the unit nearest to them. My Knights decided to go for glory and charged uphill at another welsh warrior unit.

Although they destroyed another welsh unit, they lost most of their remaning figures with only one rider to make a hasty retreat. 

                      Whilst most of his army retreat back into the woods , the Welsh war leader decides to show them how its done.

However with my army mostly intact by turn six, I win by 21 points to 12 points.

The night before the tournament I decided to read the scenario rules for each game and realised in this scenario "Slaughterfest" that any casualties caused by my bowmen would not count, so I was at a serious disadvantage before I started

            The second game I was against a Scots army that had ran out of blue woad and appeared to be trying out a black woad. They tried to hide from my archers but my cavalry charged straight into their left flank.

My tactic was to weaken the size of the Scots units and then attack with my cavalry.
My cavalry finished off a Scots Warrior unit and the game ended with surprisingly myself having more points than my opponent and winning the game. 
 The last game was against Juan Marcos and his Jomsvikings duel between the warlords

My archers advance to chase the Jomsviking around the house, stay still you buggers

The Jomsvikings playing Hide and seek, cowards.

Trying not to get the Jomsviking wrath up but its a hard task with the options given.

Mt warlord is starting to get a thrashing now his warlord has got his wrath up.

Some pictures from others games.

                                   Beautifully painted Normans, obviously not mine.

                                 Carlos' Vikings also painted brilliantly.

                                 Lone Norman archer takes on the Warlord

                                                    The Welsh hiding in the woods

                                  Juan Marcos comes in first place.

Salva takes second place with his Welsh

I take third place with my Normans.

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