Friday, 2 February 2018

Band of Brothers Campaign Part 2 Brecourt Manor

Below is an account of scenario we played just over two years ago, however due to work and so many wargaming projects on the go (plus I kept forgetting my password to get into my blog). I had only half finished my account of the game.  

In the Easter Holdays we were able to play  the long awaited second part of our Band of Brothers Campaign. I played the game twice, first wih Kev and then the next day after a few minor changes with Steuart. We used the fast playing and fun rules Bolt Action.

This scenario was a recreation of the Easy company assault on the German 105mm guns near Brecourt Manor, Normandy on the 6th of June 1944.   

I used the order of battle and scenario objectives from the excellent Jays Wargaming madness blog which you could find here

Order of Battle - Germans

1 x Regular Officer (1st Lt. pistol) x 2 men (rifles)
1 x Regular Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 4 rifles)
1 x Regular Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 4 rifles)
1 x Regular Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 4 rifles)
2 x Regular MMG Teams
4 x Regular LefH 18 10.5cm Gun teams (4 x crew each, rifles)

Infantry Sections start the as reserves and only roll to enter the table after the first gun is blown up.

Order of Battle - Easy Company, US Airborne

1 x Veteran Officer (1st Lt Richard Winters, rifle) +2 men rifles)
1 x Veteran Medic
1 x Veteran Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 5 x Rifles)
1 x Veteran Infantry Section (1 x SMG, 5 x Rifles)
2 x Veteran LMG Teams


Easy company quietly moves into position on the other side of the hedgerow opposite the guns. 

The first squad charge out of the tree line and take the German artillery by surprise.

           The first artillery is pinned but not destroyed, the other squads begin their assault.

They begin to pin the first gun, whilst Winters moves on to take the second gun.

 The first gun is captured and the squad is preparing the charges to disable it. Winters  gives covering fire whilst another squad runs through the trench to attack the gun. Unfortunately the squad is pinned  by the  German machine gun post at the rear. 

The U.S Machine gun opens up to give covering fire, hitting the German Machine gun post, killing the loader.

Winters attacks the second gun with his HQ squad, unfortunately the gun team fight back and kill Lt Winter´s soldiers

In typical Dick Winters style he carries on and attacks the gun crew himself.

The squad at the corner of the trench, see Winters charge in and  recover their pins to help in support.

Hearing the firing, Germans reinforcements from the Manor arrive on the table 

1st Lt Winters captures and blows up the gun. 

The third gun is quickly taken out as well.

The rest of Easy company run across the top of the trench to try reach the fourth gun before the German reinforcements arrive. 

The remains of the first squad charge the final gun but are pinned before they can reach it.

The rest of Easy company in the open above the trenches are also beginning to take casualties and are becoming pinned.

The German gun crew begin to take casualties from the Paratroopers on top of the trench.

A Paratrooper machine gun support is charged and wiped out by a German squad.

Finally the 1st squad is able to charge and blow up the last gun and Easy company accomplish their mission

The Second German machine gun post gives covering fire to the remaining retreating Germans.

A birdseye view of the end of the game.

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