Friday, 30 September 2011

The end of the campaign year 1805

On Friday we met to carry on with the campaign in Alicante, Marshal von Miguel joined the campaign taking up the vacant position of Prussia with his Austrian Army. Unfortunately Tzar Toni could not make it but he left some standing orders for his Allies to follow.

After losing the Battle of Waterloo Prince Jose of the Low countries retreated to Dusseldorf and Archduke Javi with his Austrian advanced and began to lay siege. With Autumn coming and the chance of his line of communication being cut off by the passes being snowbound, he brought up his transport ships and anchored them off the coast near Ulm.

Prince Jose retreated from Dusseldorf to Quatre Bras. Archduke Javi then assaulted Dusseldorf and was successful.

Meanwhile The Prussians under Marshal Miguel sallied out of Breslau to attack the Russians but the Russians retreated back to their newly conquered city of Danzig. The allies sent a messages to Tsar Toni (rang him up on his mobile) and his orders were to attack and it was the turn of the Prussians to retreat back to their city. This time the Prussians carried on retreating

on towards their capital Berlin. The Russians quickly besieged Breslau and on their first turn, just before the onset of winter they assaulted and took it.

In the western area of Europe, the British took the city of Limoges but with French blocking their path to Reims they stayed in the safety of the city. As Autumn turned to winter the French Army retreated to the city of Reims to its winter billets.

This ended the Campaign year of 1805, Russia has the most territory gaining 2 cities, although Prussia still has his full army intact. Austria has a foothold in the Low countries and Britain a foothold in France.

The points at the moment are as follows

France 5

Low Countries 0

Spain(Britain) 18

Austria 18

Prussia 0

Russia 12

For the next campaign I am doing a few changes as the game evolves, first is each army can be split into 1 to 3 corps which only the player knows the strength, to make this easier I am putting a few more roads on the map. I am also making a rule for scouting the corps when they are on adjacent areas. Also we have decided to the campaign movements by Email and then meet to fight the actual battles. After the battle we can get the campaign map out and complete some more moves.

As always will keep you posted


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