Monday, 26 September 2011

Waterloo 1805


Last Friday night as part of the Lasalle Campaign we played our second battle. The Austrians having crossed the Alps and meeting up with their allies, moved into the low countries of Holland and Belgian (Dutch). The Dutch having already retreating along their lines of communications from the Russians, who had successfully invaded Prussia, now confronted the Austrians.

View of the Campaign Map from the Russian and Austrian side.

The Dutch (French) Force of Conquest Infantry Division and Cuirassiers Brigade arrive on the east side of the battlefield.

The Austrian Avante Garde Division with Hussar Brigade arrive advancing along the southern narrow edge of the table.

The Allied French Support appears but due to losses in the Battle of Nivelle, it contains only one Chasseur unit but Emperor Phil with lucky dice throwing has sent his best cavalry General Murat.

Both armies begin to deploy, the Dutch and French extend their lines across the length of the battlefield whilst the Austrian Hussars move at full pelt in an attempt to get around the Dutch Allied right flank.

The British and Russian Allied reserves arrive on the board at the same time.

On the Dutch far left flank, Uhlan lancers prepare to charge a Dutch foot artillery battery.

The Austrian Hussars begin to circle around the Dutch Right flank.

The Dutch Cuirassiers are blocked from charging by an infantry unit that takes the full brunt of the hussar charge. Just in time the French Chasseurs and their herioc general appears on the flank.

The French Chasseurs ignoring the Austrian hussars threatening their front , charge into the flank of the hussars who in turn were charging the poor Dutch Infantry and rout the hussars, but in the process their general is tragically wounded and sadly (for me, that is) will not take any more part in the battle.

The French and Hussar cavalry watch helplessly as the other Austrian Hussar unit rides over the infantry who could not form square in time and rout.

The Dutch allied cavalry seeking vengance charge the other two Austrian hussar units.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Dutch flank the Austrian uhlans charged the foot battery. The Artillery held firm and fired canister and the Austrian although taking a lot of casualties charged home but were forced to retreat after the artillery men put up stiff resistance. The cavalry fell back a short distance and the artillery reloaded their cannons with cannister ready to finish off the cavalry. But all of a sudden an artillery bombard hit them on the flank and forcing them to limber.

The Dutch Allied cavalry on the right flank again charge the Austrians.

The hussars are pushed back, but the Russian cuirassiers begin to go around the flank.

The Dutch center is being slowly pushed back by the Austrian Infantry with help from their British allies.

After routing two Austrian hussar units, the French Chasseurs are surrounded by enemy cavalry and are finally routed.

With the French Chasseurs gone and the Dutch cuirassiers floundering, the Dutch right flank is wide open.

The Dutch center was putting up a stiff resistance, and then with Jose, Prince of The Low Countries throwing 3 or 4 "ones" in a row, his line collapsed. The Dutch Army had reached its his Army breakpoint. The army retreated of the field with the Austrian allied Cavalry hot in pursuit

View of the campaign area after the battle. The Russians a still laying siege the Austrians at Breslau. The Dutch Army have retreated to reform at Dusseldorf.

The scores for the Players after two Battles is as follows

France 5

Low Countries 0

Spain(Britain) 15

Austria 15

Prussia 0

Russia 9

After the Battle the French chasseurs managed to rally and return in glory to their main army in France.

Unfortunately we didnt have time to play any more campaign turns but hopefully we should be able to finish of the 1805 campaign season this Friday at the club. Will keep you posted.


  1. Interesting campaign theme and game viewpoint. Looking forward to follow the collective actions.

    Suggest maybe a few random terrain features to break up the flat look. Terrain could be "moved about" for the miniature so ..."no effect on game flow" but add to the look in the photos. Miniatures excellent. Always love the "hand or arm of God" the human touch in gaming.

    Michael aka WR

  2. pretty cool, i only I had some space to put a 3d map!