Sunday, 21 September 2014

Napoleon at War rules variation section


I have been playing Napoleón at War for over 12 months, I have played in two tournaments and quite a few friendly games to be pretty familiar with the rules without looking too much at the rulebook, even if I havn't completely mastered of how not to lose.
In the next few weeks and months, I am hoping to put together a series of articles on how to play Napoleón at War,and also a few solutions for the stumbling blocks of why more people are not playing these excellent rules.

Some of these percieved problems I have heard commented from dissatisfied players are listed below:

Having to rebases (unique base size).
Musketery is to powerful .
Grand Battery special rule is too powerful and not historical.
Overstrength should be represented with extra bases to be taken in consideration when firing and combat
Bricole movement is too flexible.
There should be a Discipline Test for the defender initially when facing a charge .
Reorganisation move should be for the defenders to move out of the ZOC of the attackers not the other way round.

 The first article will be about people not wanting to rebase to see the article click here


  1. Reading this one thinks Napoleon At War has extremely absurd rules. What more has to offer? I suposse that somewhere must be and advantage of certain order or purpose because such thing described above ruin one and every serious match into a lot of broken pile of sh*t.

  2. HI Ernest,
    I've played quite a few different Napoleonic rule sets over the years and a list of faults with each of those would be much longer than the list above for NAW.

    Remember this list is just reasons I have been given from other wargamers not to play the game and the series of articles will be investigation into if they are actually valid reasons or not to play it.
    The main reason people give for not playing is that of the different base size, and in the first article I explain even though it may be a valid reason that people don't want to rebase all their wargaming figures due to costs in money and time, there is an easy solution that means they could even play an opponent who has his figures based correctly for NAW without any problems.

  3. Phil, I was only pointing out the negative side of things to be able to balance with the positive. Every wargames has its shines and flaws and I'm following your investigation carefully, so as I like NAW but sometimes I wonder the same many others do. You are bringing light to this problem, so I am always eager to read the results of the investigation. But its a lot of work you have here.

  4. Phil, wargamers are chronic whiners and fault finders in my experience. Bottom line for we DFW Irregulars; NaW is our Napoleonic game of choice. We've played Napoleonics since 1979. Our group-think is that if you want to game Napoleonics with us, play NaW. If you want to whine about the rules, you might want to play somewhere else. :)

  5. Steve, I'll have to come over and pay your group a visit for a game some time. ;-)